Where to Swim on a Hot Day in Vienna

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Summer in Vienna can be amazing. Sunshine, blue sky and ice cream - these are the things we live for! We love our tours but sometimes it just gets too hot for sightseeing and such. With its multiple swimming pools all around the city as well as rivers and ponds you will have an amazing beach-like day in Vienna!
Where to Swim on a Hot Day in Vienna


The lake-like River - Alte Donau

The former branch of the danube river is a beloved bathing spot for viennese people as it's technically not a river anymore. The Alte Donau which translates to Old Danube resembles a lake-like bathing spot with a beautiful view on our city's skyscrapers. Electric boats, stand-up paddle boards as well as little floating islands can be rented. Swimming is free at most spots but we recommend the Lagerwiese - a big green lawn with steps leading into the water and a wooden platform to chill and sunbath right next to the water!
However you will also find some resorts such as the Gänsehäufel, located at an island on the Alte Donau or the Strandbad Alte Donau with entry fees.

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Location: Alte Donau - Lagerwiese


Tropical Feels - Pionierinsel 

Just a 30 minutes bike ride from the city center, slightly outside the city's border  you will find a sand beach - on the danube. Yes you heard right. But be aware of the dogs! Dog owners kind of own this place here - if not legally then mentally. However, if you like dogs you will love this place! It is a mixture of forrest, sandy and rocky beaches along the danube where you will find both bigger more open areas as well as smaller and more privat parts! While waking through the forrestlike paths, you'll might be finding yourself wondering: "Wait, is it raining?" But it's just the mourning meadows above, cooling you off with some water sprinkles. A truly magical place.

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Location: Pionierinsel, Klosterneuburg


Swimming with a View - The Krapfenwald-Bad

This is THE spot, to see and be seen. In a literal way as its not only a cool hangout spot, beloved by viennese youth but also a place with a view over the whole city as it is located on the Cobenzlone of the hills surrounding Vienna. Equiped with a bistro, sport-courts and beach chairs to sunbath its the perfect getaway spot for a fun day outside! Further details as well as pricing can be found here.

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Location: Krapfenwaldbad, Cobenzl



The Badeschiff (english: Bathing Ship) is a "swimming swimming pool" right on a boat floating in the danube canal, right in the city center! What already sounds cool gets even better when finding out there is a bar as well as a restaurant attached to it, serving you with cool drinks and delicious mediterranean food. There are also plenty of beach chairs all across the deck for you to chill and sunbath on! A key to the locker can be obtained for a €10,- deposit. Entry fees vary from € 3,50 (for students) to € 6,50 (general day ticket).

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Location: Badeschiff, Schwedenplatz


Donauinsel - and the FKK Area

One of the most famous but also controversial swimming spots is the FKK area on the Donauinsel. Located here this part of the island is fully dedicated to being naked - yes, that's a real and legal thing in Austria. FKK is standing for "Freikörperkultur" which refers to the lifestyle of naturism (= practising non-sexual social nudity in private and in public). However, thats only a small and remote territory of the Island, so - as long as you stay on the more central part you probably won't come across any fully naked people. The Donauinsel itself is a beloved swimming, sport and party spot with its long trails for biking, volleyball courts and calisthenic parks as well as many restaurants and bars along the island. Definitely worth a visit!

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Location: Donauinsel, FFK-Area