Where to Hangout for Free in Vienna

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Being one of Europe's pricier cities, going out for drinks or having lunch might be not an everyday activity. But does it always have to cost money to enjoy this city's beautiful sights and views? No, not at all! Vienna offers a broad range of public squares, gardens and cool locations to just hangout and even bring your own snacks and drinks. Here are our favorites.

Where to Hangout for Free in Vienna
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Let’s start with a highlight, shall we? This weird sounding name is probably the most amazing and most Viennese spot on this list already. What makes Zwidemu so special besides its name (ZwiDeMu short for Zwischen den Museum, which translates to Inbetween the Museums) is its location. Surrounded by both the Natural History- as well as the Art History Museum you will find a majestic garden-like area with amazing statues, beautifully shaped trees as well as an impressive 360° view on some of Viennas most beautiful architectural wonders. You can sit on the stairs in front of one of the museums, in-between the trees, statutes and water fountains on the lawn or on one of the wooden benches. Its a free to enter place and you can even bring drinks and snacks and relax with the most impressive view in the middle of the city.

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Location: Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Vienna


Next to Zwidemu is Museumsquartier, a beautiful 90,000 m2 large area in the 7th district, inhabiting not only a range of art installations, the MUMOK (museum of modern art) and the Leopold Museum as well as exhibition spaces and regular events but a beautiful square with its on designed furniture - the "Enzis" - to sit and chill! It is commonly used by a younger audience and its not rare to see people bring their own wine and snacks and just enjoy themselves or meeting new people doing exactly the same thing. It is a very social place and ideal if you like to be in a bit more crowded spot. Amazing is also its newest addition, built directly on to the Leopold Museum …

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Location: Museumsquartier, 1070 Wien

The MQ Libelle

This spectacular viewing terrace will give you an amazing view over Vienna’s city center - completely for free. Though the Libelle doesn’t exactly look like a dragonfly, which it translates to, it surely is an architectual highlight and a must-see if you are in the area. The elevator to the MQ Libelle usually works between 10am and 10pm except on Tuesdays when it's closed to the public. Further updates and information you’ll find HERE.

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Location: MQ Libelle, Leopold Museum, 1070 Wien


Let’s get grounded again! Burggarten, located at Ringstraße, next to Hofburg and Albertina Museum, is one of Viennese’s favorite spots for a quick getaway - right in the middle of the first district. This gorgeous little park also offers the perfect scenery for romantic picnics. Surrounded by old statues, magnificent buildings and even a cute little pond, this location is definitely worth visiting!

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Location: Burggarten, Josefplatz, 1010 Wien


Up again we go! This location is a unique and breathtaking spot and still quite a secret tip: the roof of the newly built IKEA at Westbahnhof (U3, U6) is a free to enter terrace with an amazing view to enjoy Vienna from above. The building that also inhabits a hotel is actually Vienna’s first city-IKEA and it's definitely not just a warehouse for furniture. It’s cool architectual design definitely stands out from the surrounding buildings and benefiting from the inclination towards the city center you will see an endless seeming horizon.

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Location: IKEA Westbahnhof, Europaplatz, 1150 Wien