Into the Green - Vienna’s Hidden Hiking Gems

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Being known for old buildings, beautiful landmarks and more churches than you can possibly count, Vienna also offers a complete different side you might not have heard of yet. Keyword: HIKING!

Green, Greener, Vienna

Yes, you heard right: Vienna is the perfect place for hiking … on an amateur level of course. You won’t find glacier covered mountains but quite a lot of hills are surrounding the city, with endless forests on top. With its 13 Hiking Paths in and around Vienna, ranging from 4 up to 22.9 kilometers in length, hiking time is estimated to be varying from 2 hours for the shortest to around 6 hours for the furthest route.

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Where to Start

On the city's website you will find all 13 possible routes listed as well as some useful information regarding each path (length, estimated walking time, restaurants, etc.). For an easy and quick start we recommend the “urban” City Hiking Path 11 as it is easy reachable (starting point U4 Margaretengürtel) from the city center and is also considered one of the shorter walks.

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What to Bring

No gear is needed and that’s what we love about these hiking trails. Hiking shoes are welcome but sneakers or running shoes will do the trick and are totally fine (no high tops are needed - as long as you stay on the trail!). We recommend to bring water and snacks though as you might get dehydrated and run out of sugar! ;)

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Anything else to know?

Each of the hiking paths is well signposted and easily accessible by public transportation. They are also regularly secured for your well-being. Along they way you will find children’s playgrounds, as well as picnic tables for your convenience. In the summer months you will even find "Heurige" which are traditional Austrian taverns, where local winemakers serve their wine as well as typical Austrian snacks. However, in Winter these are usually closed.


Have a wonderful hike! :)