1 Day in Vienna - The Ultimate Guide Pt. 1

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Romantic city strolls, coffee and cake in the most authentic places and enjoying wonderful art in one of the city's many museums: we all have a picture of what a typical day in Vienna can look like. However, besides the classic viennese cultural program the city has got a lot more to offer than Kaiserschmarr’n and horses.
In our HOW TO DO VIENNA series, we offer you new ways to enjoy the city, providing you with a not so usual trip guide weekly. Follow our authors insider tips mixed with traditional MUST SEES to spend an unforgettable day in our beloved Vienna.


Start Your Day Right: Coffee and Cake

Being a tourist in Vienna has one obligation attached to it: having viennese coffee and cake - there is just no way around it. No worries, we got you covered! Let’s start this day in the 9th district, where you’ll find some of the cutest coffee shops in Vienna. Next to Votivkirche, a beautiful church, which gets often mistaken for being Stephansdom (which it is not), on Währinger Straße you will find one coffee shop after another - some more classic, some a bit more modern and hip. After having found your stop and making an order either stay inside, have a table outside on the street or take a walk to Sigmund-Freud-Park right next to it and have a little picnic in the greens, while enjoying this amazing view onto Votivkirche.

Coffee and cake for breakfast = Living your best life

Location: Votivkirche (Schottentor U2)

Morning Glory ... with a historic touch!

Being fueled by these sugary viennese treats you are now ready to explore the city. Next Station? Burggarten - a beautiful park with a lot of history inside - and around it! However, the journey is the reward. Heading from Votivkirche to Burggarten you will pass many historic buildings in the heart of Vienna. We recommend walking along Wiener Ringstraße, which is Vienna's 5.3 km circular main street that serves as a ring road around the historic first district of Vienna. From there you will pass the historic University of Vienna, romantic Volksgarten with its thousand flowers as well as famous Heldenplatz. Walking just a bit further you will see one of many entries to beautiful Burggarten, our next stop.

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? The first thing you’ll see, entering the park are the backside of Hofburg which houses part of Austria's National Library, some bushes, statues, flowers, a big green lawn and a bit further in the back: Palm House. Yes, you heard right! This building was used by emperor Franz who himself was an educated gardener who liked to grow plants from all over the world.

Pro Tip: bring a blanket and a book - the wide lawns are inviting for chilling in the sun!

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Location: Burggarten, Josefsplatz 1, 1010 Wien

Lunch like Schwarzenegger

Of course the line between lunch and dinner is quite thin in Vienna, as we like our Wiener Schnitzel any time of the day. This thinbreaded and pan-fried veal cutlet is traditionally served with either a classic potato salad or buttered parsley potatoes. However: a dollop of lingonberry jam is a must, otherwise it’s just not the “real deal”.

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Location: Bäckerstraße 6 (Stephansplatz U3, U1)

Being served at almost every Austrian restaurant, the first district is where you want to go! Our tip? Head to Bäckerstraße 6 and look for the green sign! They even offer a vegan alternative!

PS: Arnold Schwarzenegger even went this far as to call his own dog “Schnitzel” - now that we call commitment!

The most Viennese afternoon activity? Visit a Picasso!

Of course that was a joke. But not really. Viennese museums offer a broad collection of some of the world’s most famous artworks, including Picasso’s "Woman in a Green Hat", Monet’s “The Water Lily Pond” as well as our very own Klimt’s “Nymphs”. Check out Google’s Art & Culture Guide of the 13 Masterpieces in Vienna to find many more! Not a fan of arts? No problem! Here's a list that shows how divers viennese museums can be: 
  • Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • The Albertina
  • The Albertina Modern
  • Austrian Film Museum
  • The Kunsthistorische Museum
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Museum Of Illusions
  • MAK
  • Mozarthaus Vienna
  • Museum of Art Fakes
And many MORE here.



End your Day Right

Having made all the points on the list, you deserve it more than any of us to relax. However, it just takes one more busride with the 38A to Kahlenberg and you will find what we think is the best spot to watch sunsets in Vienna! Up here you will find a café as well as a restaurant to have a nice glass of Austrian wine and dinner while enjoying the view. But just see for yourself ...


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Location: Kahlenberg (Bus 38A)